Reading Passage: Risks for RED-S

Module 7: Risks for RED-S

  • Low BMI
  • Restrictive eating (caloric value or certain food groups)
  • Weight loss practices
  • Excessive energy expenditure
  • Delayed menarche (first period)
  • Exercise dependence (aka exercise addition or compulsive exercise)
  • Certain sports
  • Those with pressure to maintain a certain body composition or weight
  • Figure skating, gymnastics, diving, dancing, cheerleading
  • Those with frequent weigh-ins
  • Rowing, wrestling
  • Endurance athletes
  • Marathoners, cyclists
  • Negative team culture
  • Unhealthy power dynamic between coach and athletes
  • Body shaming
  • Ignoring hunger
  • Winning at all costs
  • Coach pressure on athlete to lose weight
  • Athlete misconception of how many calories they need to consume
  • Menstrual dysfunction (oligomenorrhea or amenorrhea)
  • Stress fractures
  • History of disordered eating or eating disorders

It's important to note that these risk factors are not mutually exclusive, and an athlete may be at risk due to a combination of factors. It's also crucial  to understand that RED-S can occur in any sport, and not only in sports that have a weight-class or aesthetic component.

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